The Truth About Bulk Hits

About "Bulk Hits"

We got an email this morning offering one million bulk hits for $7.99! What a deal, right?

Wrong. It is a complete waste of time, effort and bandwidth. Bulk hits are delivered by a software program sometimes called a "bot" or "spider."

A spider, also known as a crawler, is a software program used by search engines to collect information about web sites and individual Web pages. The search engine then creates a listing for the site or page to include in searches. 

We all want our site to be crawled and indexed in search engines. That's a very good thing.

Think about this: what good could it possibly be for your site to be "visited" by a bot that does nothing? No indexing, no listing, no customer.

Bulk hits are like spam, just like the spam email those who sell this type of traffic have to resort to in order to make a sale.

Don't buy it. You want real visitors from investment traffic. You want actual human eyeballs on your offers, the kind of targeted visitors that contribute to business success.

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