Best Practices for Free Traffic

You need free traffic for your site, and you can't beat the price if it's free, right? These best practices for free website traffic make good use of your time to help you create an almost never-ending stream of fresh traffic sources.

1. Share, share, and share your blog posts across all of your social media sites.

2. Post new content regularly, remember content can be blog posts, images and videos.

3. Frequent commenting on top blogs in your industry or niche.

4. Reply to comments on your own blog.

5. Connect with your site commenters and build relationships with them.

6. Ask top bloggers to write blog posts for your site.

7. Create and upload videos to YouTube. Comment on videos.

8. Use all the features of your Google Account. You might need a GSuite account to get all the benefits has to offer.

9. Join the most popular groups related to your site on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter and become an active member of those groups.

10. Join forums related to your site, and again, be very active by answering questions and offering advice.

11. Study your Analytics regularly and act on your results.

12. Use search engine optimization techniques on all of your content.

13. Add links to all of your images and videos.

14. Create a blogging calendar so you know exactly when and what to write about.

15. Publish regularly scheduled posts in WordPress so you are always ahead of the game.

16. Use PLR, private label rights, and MMR (Master Resell Rights) material to help you create valuable content quickly.

17. Use content curation methods when you are lacking for ideas of what to write about.

18. Share and like other blog posts and videos as well as your own content.

19. Email your list and let them know about your latest and greatest blog post.

20. Use keywords in your titles and headings.

21. Make use of tags such as Heading 1 and Heading 2 and Heading 3. Here is a gratuitous example:

30 Tips for More Free Website Traffic

22. Create a Facebook group for your niche using your site name. Add advice and leave links back to your site with additional information.

23. Join blogging communities and connect with other bloggers in your industry.

24. Look for top blogs and offer to write a guest post for them.

25. Create your own videos and publish to your channel regularly.

26. Answer questions at Yahoo Answers, Quora and Ask.

27. Add your site to directories.

28. Subscribe to blogs via an RSS Reader so you always have access to the top blogs in your niche.

29. Make use of In-Page Analytics.

30. Never give up on your quest for free site traffic.

Remember that free traffic takes time to build. Using as many of these recommended best practices as possible will start increasing traffic to your website.

Keep using these tips on a regular basis so that your traffic continues to increase over time. You should spend at least an hour everyday creating traffic to your site.

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